Monday, January 9, 2012

Week 2: Excuses, Excuses

So I just finished a three mile run, plus extra mile walk, and it was brutal. This weekend we (Andy and I) lounged around and didn't run or even walk ... very far. We did walk to the corner and back (to get Italian food and a movie). Full of excuses (even if they were good ones), he had a cold, we had to clean the house, birthday party, no time now. So it's not even week two and I already have excuses. I've decided to make a list of all the excuses... that I thought about on the run today (even though today it was warm and sunny outside) and why they are not valid!
  • It's too nice outside to run. --- It's to nice outside to not run.
  • It's raining. --- You have a hat!
  • It's dark. --- Your running shirt is bright yellow and jacket is white; you won't get hit.
  • I'm tired; work was hard. --- Suck it up. It'll make you feel better, or at least sleep better later.
  • I'm too busy to run. ---  Run fast, it'll take less time. Maybe you'll have to skip your TV show tonight, too bad, so sad.
  • My legs are tired from yesterday. --- You can rest tomorrow! Bubble bath/ice later!
So tomorrow, let's go running! I bet it'll be better than today, now that I have no excuses!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Week 1: About to start

Well it's the new year! Resolution, goal making time. This year we are off running! Not like this time last year (see previous posts). This year, actually this April, I will be running a half marathon, which I just registered for! Like a minute ago. So I'm really gonna do it, its paid for and everything. Then we'll see how that goes before making any other goals (like a full marathon :) ).
I promise to write at least once a week to note my progress and the joys of training, which sounds like a blast. I'm gonna be using two books to motivate me through my training. Runner's World Complete Book of Beginning Running, full of reasons why running is great for you and helpful advice. The second is a far more hilarious book The Nonrunners Marathon Guide for Women, by Dawn Dais. I highly recommend this book, which was recommended to me by many runner friends.

Dawn writes it is important to have a reason do something insane, like run a marathon, and that you may want to have a number of them, as counterarguments seem to arise as training gets hairy. So for my list of reasons:
1. My ankle is better, I need to use it.
2. I like running... for now.
3. 13.1 miles will feel like a real accomplishment.
4. Fitness, let's get in shape.

I will for sure let you know the counterarguments when they show their faces.

Over the fall I have accomplished a number of goals which I set for the ankle recovery. On Thanksgiving, I ran the turkey trot (only walked a few minutes!) On December 22, 2011, I ran 5 miles without stopping, without walking, to celebrate Ankle Day (one year old!). I know that training will be tough and there will be days that I don't want to go run, whether I'm tired from work, or its raining, or its too cold, or I just would rather watch tv. I know I can push through and do it (plus its already paid for).

I'm off for my first run (maybe walk) of 2012, and the beginning of the HALF-MARATHON TRAINING!! Wish me luck!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Getting in the routine.

So... its been a long week, but a good one. I started back at school this week, bye bye summer vacation, hello long hours and sore feet. Its good to be back at work; I think its going to be a great year.

Let's start with running! Today I ran a half mile without a break, my long run for the week. I know that a 1/2 mile does not seem very long, but when you're out of practice it is. I did continue to walk after running for a total of 2 miles this morning. The weather today was great, it was cool, but slightly humid, and very sunny.

I have not had too many stories from running yet, but I plan on having some adventures as I start to run further. Right now I'm just running around the block, but I am very close to one of Springfield's green way trails, and I'm looking forward to running on the trail. One of the trail access is about a mile away, so when I build up to 2 miles I can run to the trail and back and hopefully will be able to run on the trail a few miles sometime in the future. I also have to say; I'm not that sore from running, but I expect that to change as I start to run further too.

As I start back to school, I'm getting back on a regular routine, which not only means to continue the running schedule, but also to start my weight loss plan again. Over the last school year I lost about 35 pounds and was down to about 140 lbs, but over the summer due to my lack of self discipline, I gained 10 lbs. So last Sunday when I weighted myself I was at 150 pounds. This week I have started tracking my food choices using Weight Watchers, which I used last year to lose weight. I will be using this blog to not only write about my adventures running, but about my trying to lose weight. My goal weight is 135 pounds, which I was almost to, but didn't meet. I know that I'm not fat by any means, but it is important to me to stay in shape and to be healthy.

In conclusion:
Longest run: 1/2 mile
Current weight: 150 pounds

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Let's begin the running

It's been a while since I've been running. I ran a little bit this spring and a little bit this summer, but now that school is about to start it's time to get on schedule. Thanks to Beth, I have a schedule with a goal. 5K by Thanksgiving; Turkey Trot here I come.

So today I woke up and got dressed in running clothes, shoes that rarely have been used since that day last summer when I fell and started the huge ankle mess. Zelda got ready too, harness and leash, and she was ready to go. We begin our schedule, walk .25 mile, run .25 mile, walk .25 mile, run .25 mile, then walk. We did stop after running and played on the playground at the local elementary school. Zelda enjoys jumping over the balance beam and climbing on the playground equipment. Then we finished by walking home. We only encountered two squirrels on the walk home from the playground, but enough to get Zelda super excited.

So a totally of .5 miles of running!  It's a start.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Thoughts on Friendship

Friendship has been an aspect of my life that I've learned so much more about these last few months. I think the word friend has been distorted especially in regards to facebook. On facebook I am "friends" with a lot of people who I don't really know, people who I haven't seen since high school, the person who I took one class with in college and never saw again. Perhaps the word friend on facebook should be replaced with person I meant at least once. 

Before my ankle surgery, before the break up, I saw my friends mainly as people who I did stuff with. We would get together to watch the football game or go shopping. They were around if you wanted to do something.

After my surgery, after the break up, I gained a new perspective of what it means to be a real friend. I've always been a very independent person, rarely asking for help, and sometimes feeling frustrated when I do have to ask for help. As a result of not being able to walk and being totally depressed I had to ask for a lot of help. Friends became people who were there when you needed them, whether it is sitting on a couch holding you while you cry for hours, forcing you to eat something, or taking you to Hobby Lobby to buy projects to keep you busy.

I've developed a new idea of friends and I hope that I live up to this idea to people who I consider my friends.

Let me give you one example of an exceptional friend (she also gets a nod, 'cause she's a follower of my blog). A few weeks ago, I was really sick, stomach bug, eww gross.  About 6 pm on Sunday night, I decided that I needed to go to the urgent care. I was so sick; I wasn't going to be able to drive myself. So I called my friend Gloria; she dropped everything she was doing and came over, drove me to the doctor, sat there while I got checked out, drove me to school to set up my sub plans, went to walgreens with me to pick up some soup, and then dropped me off back at my house. She went above and beyond being a friend. So a few days later, when I had recovered from being sick and was back at school, I left a thank you card on her desk. She later said to me, "that's what friends are for".

Being a friend isn't about you do this for me and I'll do that for you. Its about being there when you are needed whether its to go out and have fun or to sit on a couch and cry. Thank you to all who have been wonderful friends; my world wouldn't be the same without you.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

why run butterfly run

So I've decided to start a blog and finally after hours of brainstorming with the help of my good friend Jill, the name was decided: run butterfly run.

First, let's talk about running. Running is something that I do, or did, am working on doing again. This past summer I fell while running and ended up having ankle reconstructive surgery on my right ankle in December. I've spent the last 3 months learning how to walk again and strengthening my ankle, this included 6 weeks of crutches, 8 weeks of not being able to drive, and 2 months of physical therapy, I have half a month left of PT. So running again is a goal. This past year, 2010, I made a new year's resolution to run a half marathon, which I didn't accomplish, obviously. So I've just recycled this goal for this year. Hopefully in June, I will start training for the half marathon in November.

However running is not just a sport. I've also decided that running should be in the name of the blog because running is something that you do to get away from things and something you do to move forward. Another goal of my life is to move ahead, this past January, I was dumped, by a boy that I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. Yeah it totally sucked, there was no way around that. Yeah, did you notice that this was right after my ankle surgery, totally couldn't walk or take care of myself and he left, double suck. As of now I've started to heal for this totally depressing part of my life. I'm trying to become a strong independent woman again, so I'm running forward!

So now you know running is so important to me, why it shows up twice in my title. I bet you're wondering why butterfly. Besides the fact that butterflies are definitely the coolest creature ever. They go from a little wormy caterpillar and turn into beautiful flying insects, that's just so awesome. Butterfly has become part of my identity since my sophomore year of high school. That summer I worked as a counselor at Camp Pin Oak, the best girl scout camp ever. Counselors here have camp names that the campers use for the week the stay at camp. Due to the fact I was wearing butterfly earrings that day I started, my camp name became Butterfly, which then became who I was every summer for the next 3 summers. After three summers of a name it starts to become a part of you. Now my house as pieces of this identity scattered around it: pictures of butterflies on the walls, a book of butterflies on the mantle, a bird house with butterflies painted on it, etc. If you walk in my house, obviously I like butterflies. The name butterfly reminds me of one of the happiest times in my life. Working as a counselor was one of my favorite jobs ever, I got to work with kids, outside, and so fun things like swim in the lake and canoe.

So the name run butterfly run, awesome and meaningful. I hope to share with you my journey. Getting back into running, meeting my goal of running a half marathon this year, and finding my way forward, overcoming these last few rough months and fighting past difficult obstacles that I will undoubtedly face.