Saturday, August 27, 2011

Getting in the routine.

So... its been a long week, but a good one. I started back at school this week, bye bye summer vacation, hello long hours and sore feet. Its good to be back at work; I think its going to be a great year.

Let's start with running! Today I ran a half mile without a break, my long run for the week. I know that a 1/2 mile does not seem very long, but when you're out of practice it is. I did continue to walk after running for a total of 2 miles this morning. The weather today was great, it was cool, but slightly humid, and very sunny.

I have not had too many stories from running yet, but I plan on having some adventures as I start to run further. Right now I'm just running around the block, but I am very close to one of Springfield's green way trails, and I'm looking forward to running on the trail. One of the trail access is about a mile away, so when I build up to 2 miles I can run to the trail and back and hopefully will be able to run on the trail a few miles sometime in the future. I also have to say; I'm not that sore from running, but I expect that to change as I start to run further too.

As I start back to school, I'm getting back on a regular routine, which not only means to continue the running schedule, but also to start my weight loss plan again. Over the last school year I lost about 35 pounds and was down to about 140 lbs, but over the summer due to my lack of self discipline, I gained 10 lbs. So last Sunday when I weighted myself I was at 150 pounds. This week I have started tracking my food choices using Weight Watchers, which I used last year to lose weight. I will be using this blog to not only write about my adventures running, but about my trying to lose weight. My goal weight is 135 pounds, which I was almost to, but didn't meet. I know that I'm not fat by any means, but it is important to me to stay in shape and to be healthy.

In conclusion:
Longest run: 1/2 mile
Current weight: 150 pounds

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