Monday, January 9, 2012

Week 2: Excuses, Excuses

So I just finished a three mile run, plus extra mile walk, and it was brutal. This weekend we (Andy and I) lounged around and didn't run or even walk ... very far. We did walk to the corner and back (to get Italian food and a movie). Full of excuses (even if they were good ones), he had a cold, we had to clean the house, birthday party, no time now. So it's not even week two and I already have excuses. I've decided to make a list of all the excuses... that I thought about on the run today (even though today it was warm and sunny outside) and why they are not valid!
  • It's too nice outside to run. --- It's to nice outside to not run.
  • It's raining. --- You have a hat!
  • It's dark. --- Your running shirt is bright yellow and jacket is white; you won't get hit.
  • I'm tired; work was hard. --- Suck it up. It'll make you feel better, or at least sleep better later.
  • I'm too busy to run. ---  Run fast, it'll take less time. Maybe you'll have to skip your TV show tonight, too bad, so sad.
  • My legs are tired from yesterday. --- You can rest tomorrow! Bubble bath/ice later!
So tomorrow, let's go running! I bet it'll be better than today, now that I have no excuses!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Week 1: About to start

Well it's the new year! Resolution, goal making time. This year we are off running! Not like this time last year (see previous posts). This year, actually this April, I will be running a half marathon, which I just registered for! Like a minute ago. So I'm really gonna do it, its paid for and everything. Then we'll see how that goes before making any other goals (like a full marathon :) ).
I promise to write at least once a week to note my progress and the joys of training, which sounds like a blast. I'm gonna be using two books to motivate me through my training. Runner's World Complete Book of Beginning Running, full of reasons why running is great for you and helpful advice. The second is a far more hilarious book The Nonrunners Marathon Guide for Women, by Dawn Dais. I highly recommend this book, which was recommended to me by many runner friends.

Dawn writes it is important to have a reason do something insane, like run a marathon, and that you may want to have a number of them, as counterarguments seem to arise as training gets hairy. So for my list of reasons:
1. My ankle is better, I need to use it.
2. I like running... for now.
3. 13.1 miles will feel like a real accomplishment.
4. Fitness, let's get in shape.

I will for sure let you know the counterarguments when they show their faces.

Over the fall I have accomplished a number of goals which I set for the ankle recovery. On Thanksgiving, I ran the turkey trot (only walked a few minutes!) On December 22, 2011, I ran 5 miles without stopping, without walking, to celebrate Ankle Day (one year old!). I know that training will be tough and there will be days that I don't want to go run, whether I'm tired from work, or its raining, or its too cold, or I just would rather watch tv. I know I can push through and do it (plus its already paid for).

I'm off for my first run (maybe walk) of 2012, and the beginning of the HALF-MARATHON TRAINING!! Wish me luck!