Saturday, August 27, 2011

Getting in the routine.

So... its been a long week, but a good one. I started back at school this week, bye bye summer vacation, hello long hours and sore feet. Its good to be back at work; I think its going to be a great year.

Let's start with running! Today I ran a half mile without a break, my long run for the week. I know that a 1/2 mile does not seem very long, but when you're out of practice it is. I did continue to walk after running for a total of 2 miles this morning. The weather today was great, it was cool, but slightly humid, and very sunny.

I have not had too many stories from running yet, but I plan on having some adventures as I start to run further. Right now I'm just running around the block, but I am very close to one of Springfield's green way trails, and I'm looking forward to running on the trail. One of the trail access is about a mile away, so when I build up to 2 miles I can run to the trail and back and hopefully will be able to run on the trail a few miles sometime in the future. I also have to say; I'm not that sore from running, but I expect that to change as I start to run further too.

As I start back to school, I'm getting back on a regular routine, which not only means to continue the running schedule, but also to start my weight loss plan again. Over the last school year I lost about 35 pounds and was down to about 140 lbs, but over the summer due to my lack of self discipline, I gained 10 lbs. So last Sunday when I weighted myself I was at 150 pounds. This week I have started tracking my food choices using Weight Watchers, which I used last year to lose weight. I will be using this blog to not only write about my adventures running, but about my trying to lose weight. My goal weight is 135 pounds, which I was almost to, but didn't meet. I know that I'm not fat by any means, but it is important to me to stay in shape and to be healthy.

In conclusion:
Longest run: 1/2 mile
Current weight: 150 pounds

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Let's begin the running

It's been a while since I've been running. I ran a little bit this spring and a little bit this summer, but now that school is about to start it's time to get on schedule. Thanks to Beth, I have a schedule with a goal. 5K by Thanksgiving; Turkey Trot here I come.

So today I woke up and got dressed in running clothes, shoes that rarely have been used since that day last summer when I fell and started the huge ankle mess. Zelda got ready too, harness and leash, and she was ready to go. We begin our schedule, walk .25 mile, run .25 mile, walk .25 mile, run .25 mile, then walk. We did stop after running and played on the playground at the local elementary school. Zelda enjoys jumping over the balance beam and climbing on the playground equipment. Then we finished by walking home. We only encountered two squirrels on the walk home from the playground, but enough to get Zelda super excited.

So a totally of .5 miles of running!  It's a start.