Sunday, March 27, 2011

why run butterfly run

So I've decided to start a blog and finally after hours of brainstorming with the help of my good friend Jill, the name was decided: run butterfly run.

First, let's talk about running. Running is something that I do, or did, am working on doing again. This past summer I fell while running and ended up having ankle reconstructive surgery on my right ankle in December. I've spent the last 3 months learning how to walk again and strengthening my ankle, this included 6 weeks of crutches, 8 weeks of not being able to drive, and 2 months of physical therapy, I have half a month left of PT. So running again is a goal. This past year, 2010, I made a new year's resolution to run a half marathon, which I didn't accomplish, obviously. So I've just recycled this goal for this year. Hopefully in June, I will start training for the half marathon in November.

However running is not just a sport. I've also decided that running should be in the name of the blog because running is something that you do to get away from things and something you do to move forward. Another goal of my life is to move ahead, this past January, I was dumped, by a boy that I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. Yeah it totally sucked, there was no way around that. Yeah, did you notice that this was right after my ankle surgery, totally couldn't walk or take care of myself and he left, double suck. As of now I've started to heal for this totally depressing part of my life. I'm trying to become a strong independent woman again, so I'm running forward!

So now you know running is so important to me, why it shows up twice in my title. I bet you're wondering why butterfly. Besides the fact that butterflies are definitely the coolest creature ever. They go from a little wormy caterpillar and turn into beautiful flying insects, that's just so awesome. Butterfly has become part of my identity since my sophomore year of high school. That summer I worked as a counselor at Camp Pin Oak, the best girl scout camp ever. Counselors here have camp names that the campers use for the week the stay at camp. Due to the fact I was wearing butterfly earrings that day I started, my camp name became Butterfly, which then became who I was every summer for the next 3 summers. After three summers of a name it starts to become a part of you. Now my house as pieces of this identity scattered around it: pictures of butterflies on the walls, a book of butterflies on the mantle, a bird house with butterflies painted on it, etc. If you walk in my house, obviously I like butterflies. The name butterfly reminds me of one of the happiest times in my life. Working as a counselor was one of my favorite jobs ever, I got to work with kids, outside, and so fun things like swim in the lake and canoe.

So the name run butterfly run, awesome and meaningful. I hope to share with you my journey. Getting back into running, meeting my goal of running a half marathon this year, and finding my way forward, overcoming these last few rough months and fighting past difficult obstacles that I will undoubtedly face.

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